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Ed Hill is a socially and politically progressive attorney who chose to pursue the law to assist vulnerable members of our society. All of Ed's clients are seeking benefits from either large insurance companies or the state or federal governments and they are involved in systems that are complex, difficult to understand and in many ways set up to defeat them. The work that Ed Hill does requires a strong social conscience as well as professional skills. That is a combination that Ed can uniquely provide to his clients.

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It is no secret that workers' compensation systems across the United States are continuously changing in ways that are designed to limit the benefits that injured workers receive. Click here to read an article including several easy-to-digest charts that demonstrate how bad the situation has become.


Injured Workers' Alliance

State of Oregon Workers' Compensation Board



Oregon Department of Human Services

United States Social Security Administration


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Office Address:
Edward J. Hill, AAL
1826 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

What I Do.


Since 1994 Ed Hill has been representing injured and disabled individuals before the Oregon Workers' Compensation Board, the Federal Social Security Administration, the Oregon State Circuit Courts, and the Federal Court for the District of Oregon. Ed's goal has always been to obtain fair compensation and justice for individuals engaged in conflicts in which they are the underdog party. Ed Hill's success can be measured not only in terms of the hundreds of cases that he has won and many millions of dollars of compensation that he has obtained for his clients, but also in terms of the satisfaction he has experienced doing well for ordinary people.


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